Day 4: Kilometre Fore!: (Take Time) 9 kms in 9 days for Red Shoes Rock. Stop FASD

Day 4 revised 2

While my daughter was at the respite worker I was out having some fun myself – driving a golf cart around 9 holes (okay 18 but trying to go with the 9 theme) –  I did get out of the golf cart at least 9 times to walk to the fairway and rough, looking for errant golf balls and move the flag on the green.

One of the most important pieces of information I can give you is to arrange respite – it is beneficial for not only your child but also yourself. Looking after someone with FASD is exhausting – not only physically but mentally – as a caregiver you are an external brain. It is exhausting some days just looking after yourself – but when you have someone else you are living for it takes a toll. Having a few hours a week to recharge is so important.

In the area I live there is an organization that recruits and trains respite workers. There hasn’t always been one available (living in a small town has both advantages and disadvantages) but we have a woman now who takes the maiden 16 hours a month – I also receive some provincial funding for respite – so once a month she has a sleepover.

Having time away from each other is important. Day four on my Red Shoes Rock saw me take time out for myself and to spread the message of the importance of taking care of yourself while you are taking care of someone with FASD.

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