Day 5: Kilometre 5 (Big Apple Day) in Red Shoes Rock to Stop FASD

Took my red shoes to The Big Apple in Colborne today. Where is Colborne from where you live you wonder?

Day 5 Signs

Today was going to be a kilometre spent at an Open House for a Turtle Sanctuary. My boyfriend was here and I thought it would be a great activity for us to do with the maiden. Like every other activity I try to get her interested in, she would rather sit at home and play a horse game on her computer. It is frustrating. She complains that when I spend time with my boyfriend (which is a new relationship since January) that I ignore her. When he isn’t here, she ignores me.

Difficult to understand what is going on with her. Over the summer we have tried to involve her in a variety of activities – she always says no. Makes it difficult for her and my guy to get to know each other when she won’t participate and show him the fun side of herself. She says she likes him and is happy for me and she thinks I deserve to have a boyfriend. Perhaps another day I will write a post on what the development of this relationship has been like having a daughter with FASD and attachment issues. It hasn’t been easy – just like today wasn’t easy trying to get her to come out and have some fun.

The Big Apple

So today me and my guy took the dog for a walk and walked around the petting zoo and vendor markets at the Big Apple.

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