Day 5: Red Shoes Rock (across Canada) to Stop FASD: Alberta

Another day, another province. Today we made it to Alberta. One of two of our stopovers on this journey. Had the opportunity to do some great awareness today about FASD and the red shoes.

RSR Alberta

The staff at the Visitor Information were very interested why my red shoes were resting on the rocks of the building’s entrance. We explained what I was doing.

At lunch, I was reading the local newspaper and saw an article about FASDay and the Lakeland Centre for FASD. Great article. So I sent them an email with a picture and explained what I was doing.

The article can be found here:

For information about services and support for FASD in Alberta:  click here:

My participation this year just happened to coincide with this trip. It wasn’t one I had much time to plan so I didn’t think ahead about letting any local FASD groups or newspapers know what I was doing. In the past I simply promoted it on Facebook, this blog, Tumblr and Twitter. But I do have time to extend that reach before September 9.

We are in Cold Lake Alberta for a memorial service. We went to visit the family tonight and the topic of the red shoes came up – so it was a great opportunity to talk about my experience as a mom to a child with FASD.

Tomorrow there will be no travelling the road but I will be surfing the net trying to promote this journey for FASD.


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