Day 6: Red Shoes Rock (across Canada) to Stop FASD: Cold Lake layover

No travelling today for the red shoes.

Red Shoes Cold Lake
We are in Cold Lake, Alberta to attend a memorial service for a close family friend of my boyfriend.

I don’t know the family, but it was a very moving service and this woman sounded like she was a wonderful woman. Many spoke of her love of life and people. She accepted everyone and focused on the good in everyone. For those of us with children or family members affected by FASD, we need more people in our worlds like Kay. Many of us live lives filled with judgement and rejection.

The service also reminded me how fleeting life is. Although this woman had a full and long life, a study published a few months back did not hold much hope for people with FASD.

FASD Life Expectancy

While the statistic is disturbing and at first frightening, the Virtual Relay of the Red Shoes Rock to Stop FASD campaign profiles people of all ages – including those well past 34. I suspect it is the co-occurring conditions that contribute to a low life expectancy. And lack of support to adults I am sure is another factor.

That is why it is so important that awareness about FASD continues to build and people understand there is no safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy. And we have to remove the stigma and shame that surrounds mothers who have consumed alcohol. Early intervention makes an impact. It means supports are put into place which mean more success. And it might just mean the average life expectancy will be longer.

Tomorrow we leave for B.C. to say the final good-bye to my Dad. And that will be where this red shoe journey for 2016 will end. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to create some awareness despite the sad circumstances.

2 thoughts on “Day 6: Red Shoes Rock (across Canada) to Stop FASD: Cold Lake layover

    • our sacred breath says:

      Thanks for reblogging my journey – and for giving me the chance to use your great awareness campaign Red Shoes Rock. I spent last night sending emails to the local FASD groups in each province to promote the red shoe idea, the Red Shoes Rock Facebook page and the FASD is Real website. By the time this journey is over we likely will have travelled over 9,000 kms. Not sure how I can top this one next year! 😄