FASDay Bingo

If you are looking for ideas to create awareness leading up to and on International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day (September 9) then we have put together a fun activity to help build excitement and give you some suggestions for simple activities!

It’s FASDay Bingo!

We will be uncovering squares on the Bingo Card over the next few weeks during August. Each square will have an activity that will be accompanied by a post giving ideas, instructions or links for additional information.

Day 1: Have FASDay Proclaimed or Organize a Bell Concordance

Many places also declare September as FASD Awareness Month.

Our municipality went online last year for requests so no longer are deputations required. We simply send an email. Some municipalities have online forms. Contact your municipality to ask what the procedure is and if there is still time to put forward a request. For some it may be too close to the day now to have your request reviewed.

If it isn’t, here is a sample letter. Feel free to use as a sample to create your own based on your own style and what your council requires. Some councils just want the request, some want more information. Adjust as necessary.

This was our third year making the request to out Municipality to Proclaim the 9th Day of the 9th month FASDay – and they did!

If you don’t have time to declare the day with your municipality you can always organize a Bell Concordance or Minute of Silence. This is an activity that many communities undertake and it can bring the same amount or more awareness than a Proclamation.

For information on how to organize, check out: FASDay: A Bell Concordance or A Minute of Reflection

Day 2: Attend a local or online FASD event

Organizations and groups are starting to advertise events now. Search on social media using the hashtag #FASDAY or contact your local FASD organization to see if they are going to hold an event. Many online events may be open to anyone.

FASDay Bingo Day 3: Wear Something Red – shoes, a pin, t-shirt, socks, etc.

Although red shoes are the most recognizable symbol for FASD awareness, not everyone can find them. You don’t have to have the shoes. You can wear something red or find a red FASD awareness t-shirt online. Please only order from reputable vendors or sellers. I have seen some who copy other people’s designs. If you haven’t heard of the business or person, ask around. If you see a t-shirt or design you like, ask the person where they purchased it from.

We have an online Redbubble shop if you’d like to check out all our designs.

FASDay Bingo Reveal #4: Find a new FASD page / organization or group to follow or join on your favourite social media platform.

There are so many different pages. Search using the hashtag #FASD or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Ask others for their recommendations. Depending on what you are looking for, there is bound to be a page or group that fits for you.

FASDay Bingo Reveal #5: Paint and Hide some red shoe rocks!

There is still plenty of time to gather some rocks, red and white paint, black marker and sealer. Be sure to label with the hashtag #RedShoesRock.

You can paint by yourself, with family or friends or host a painting party in person or virtual.

Then pick a day to hide them around your neighborhood or town! You can let the media know (more on that in the next reveal) or if you are sending a letter to your municipality to declare the day, mention that rocks will be hidden in plain sight!

Find fun places to “hide” rocks!

For more information check out the Red Shoes Rock web page.

FASDay Bingo Reveal #6: Read a book or article about FASD.

Do you have any FASD related books 📖 in your to read pile 📚?

FASDay Bingo Reveal #7: Share an FASD social media graphic.

How are doing with #FASDay Bingo? Have you completed any of the activities? If not, today’s suggestion is easy … Share an FASD social media graphic. There are so many around now. Share one from your favourite page or create your own!

You can share our Bingo Card or any of the 99 Days to FASDay graphics.

FASDay Bingo Reveal #8: Write a Letter to the Editor about FASD

Stay tuned as we will be sharing an example of a Letter to the Editor that you can adapt and use.

I hope that you have enjoyed this fun way to get some ideas for creating awareness for FASDay.

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