54 Things Wrong with Gwendolyn Rogers (Book Review)

Gwendolyn sees a confidential school report listing her weaknesses. She knows she struggles. Now she has proof. She develops a list of fifty-four things to get under control. Because to go to horse camp, she must behave. And so begins the story of 11-year-old Gwen, who thinks she has only one friend, a half-brother, who her mother doesn't acknowledge, and a brain that cracks. They thought she had ADHD. If you read this book, you may think like me, it might be just be FASD.

Second Reading of Bill 172 – FASD and the Education Act

UPDATE: Bill 172 passed Second Reading! It will now go to a Standing Committee for further consideration. During the Committee stage the specific details of the Bill will be examined, and members of the public may be given the opportunity to appear as a witness or produce a written submission with thoughts on the Bill. … Continue reading Second Reading of Bill 172 – FASD and the Education Act

Our Magical Day

It’s strange and wonderful... even magical how the world works. After having a really defeating week last week, Monday arrived and the universe sent me a message to remind me that even in the middle of difficult times, if we remain open, we can find moments of magic to lift our spirits. This week is … Continue reading Our Magical Day