FASD Wish #6: Timely Access to Adult Services

In Ontario (Canada) a 2016 report Nowhere to Turn for Adults with Developmental Disabilities discovered over 14,000 adults with a development disability were on wait lists for services such as: respite, housing, job support or day programs. The wait for services, depending on the type and area is three years - 20 years! My wish is all adults with a developmental disability, including those with FASD, that require support receive the services they need when they turn 18, without delay.

12 Wishes for FASD: 2020 Edition: Wish 1

In 2016 I wrote a blog post called 12 Wishes for FASD and My Daughter. It was a combination of things I wanted in terms of FASD awareness and things I wanted for my daughter. I did update it in 2017 - 12 Wishes A Year Later - but have not been back to look at it through the lens of another 3 years. Over the next 12 days I will update for the 2020 edition. Today we look at friendships.

Our Magical Day

It’s strange and wonderful... even magical how the world works. After having a really defeating week last week, Monday arrived and the universe sent me a message to remind me that even in the middle of difficult times, if we remain open, we can find moments of magic to lift our spirits. This week is … Continue reading Our Magical Day