Wish #9: No More FASD?

This is the only wish for my daughter and FASD I stated in 2016 that I'm no longer certain of, because of what I have learned and how I have grown. Is it realistic (no) or even appropriate (not sure). Why? Because is it dismissive of people with FASD? Certainly that wasn’t my intent. We are all unique and contribute. My intent was the struggles disappear. Not the people.

Wish #7: Professionals Skilled in FASD Diagnosis and Interventions

Throughout the last fourteen years we have accessed a variety of professionals to address various issues. We were lucky as many had some understanding of FASD – but there were others who attempted to help my daughter or provide advice or suggestions, based on what works with neuro-typical children, with disastrous results. A study revealed … Continue reading Wish #7: Professionals Skilled in FASD Diagnosis and Interventions

FASD Wish #6: Timely Access to Adult Services

In Ontario (Canada) a 2016 report Nowhere to Turn for Adults with Developmental Disabilities discovered over 14,000 adults with a development disability were on wait lists for services such as: respite, housing, job support or day programs. The wait for services, depending on the type and area is three years - 20 years! My wish is all adults with a developmental disability, including those with FASD, that require support receive the services they need when they turn 18, without delay.

2020 Wishes for My Daughter and FASD: #4 Recognition in the School System

School is geared for the masses.  If we want an inclusive society and promote education as a right, then students should be taught in a way that supports and accommodates their development. FASD is not recognized in our school system as a condition that qualifies for support, be that an Educational Assistant (EA) or Child … Continue reading 2020 Wishes for My Daughter and FASD: #4 Recognition in the School System

12 Wishes for FASD: 2020 Edition: Wish 1

In 2016 I wrote a blog post called 12 Wishes for FASD and My Daughter. It was a combination of things I wanted in terms of FASD awareness and things I wanted for my daughter. I did update it in 2017 - 12 Wishes A Year Later - but have not been back to look at it through the lens of another 3 years. Over the next 12 days I will update for the 2020 edition. Today we look at friendships.