Let’s Recolour Blue Monday

Have you heard today is Blue Monday? Have you also heard that it isn’t true? It was an advertising gimmick to sell holidays.

Interesting that one of the reasons people were said to be blue, was because of finances after Christmas. Tell me how going on a holiday, spending more money, is going to cure depression? Maybe getting outside and into sunshine might help temporarily, but it won’t solve your financial worries. It will increase them.

Many adjectives have been used to describe this day, but depression should not be one of them. Depression is a mental health condition that cannot be said to be the worst for one day out of the year, and today is that day. Using the word depression in such a way trivializes the challenges people with clinical depression have – including a large percentage of people with FASD.

The formula the person came up with to make this pronouncement has been debunked. Even so, some media reported on it as if it was valid and true – that statistically one day in 365 is the most down, sad or blue day, for the entire population on the earth. Sadly even the Canadian Mental Health Association used the headline: Blue Monday Survival Guide.

There were organizations using the day to counter the claim or to use an opportunity to create conversations or share information about mental health awareness. I shared these graphics. I encouraged people to use the day to do something for themselves. Not to buy in to the hype.

But I think we need to reclaim the day. Why not have a No Media Monday on this date? To protest false advertising? Talk About it Tuesday to promote that it’s okay to reach out for help? Wellness Wednesday to spotlight how emotions and feelings ebb and flow? Freebie Friday where advertisers could sponsor activities that people could participate in to help them connect with others, get financial advice, try out an activity to get them outside? Self care Saturday or Sunday?

It was my daughter who told me it was Blue Monday. She heard it on the morning show she watches with her Grandma, while I am at work. I have heard of it before but never realized it’s history. It’s no wonder people have a hard time trusting when news sources and organizations we continue to promote this made-up day that could have serious consequences.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Recolour Blue Monday

    • our sacred breath says:

      Right? I only learned that this year! What makes me shake my head are the ones that are still using it even though they know it’s not real. It would be nice to see it renamed as an opportunity for people to check in and see how they are doing. I saw a few doing that.