12 Wishes for My Daughter and FASD: 2020 Edition

At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to end this series. When I wrote the original post in 2016 all the wishes were together, and this one flowed with the rest. As a stand alone it wasn’t going to have much to it.

In the original post I wrote that she didn’t ask for much. A purse, a dress, gloves, hat, a stereo and headphones. Our tradition now is 3 gifts: a want, a need and one for fun.

A year later, I wrote: Funny enough, this Christmas was the first Christmas in 11 years she did not provide me with a list. I had to really think about a want, need and just for fun gift. Her wants this year were either an iTunes card or lottery ticket (I refuse to encourage gambling). Her need – she really didn’t have any needs that I could grant (see above wishes). One need we do have however now we live apart is to spend some quality time together. So on Christmas Eve day we went to see the new Star Wars movie. I am not a Star Wars fan, but it made her happy and I like to see her happy.

How about in 2020? She asked for a printer and a Pokémon sheet set. And she swears that Santa is real. Nothing elaborate. When I answered a comment on my last post, I realized the gift she has given to me to share her journey. She has told me anything I think will help others she is happy for me to share.

With the unprecedented year we have had this year, I am thankful we are ending the year healthy and we are able to exchange a few gifts. I know we are incredibly privileged and that some have had such a difficult year. Ours hasn’t been without incident, I am grateful for what we do have.

Our 2021 will start in a lockdown. Our Province has closed everything but essential services until the end of January. This will no doubt be extremely difficult for many who are already close to collapse. I hope and wish for strength for people to get what they need to be safe and have their needs met throughout 2021.

Thank you for those who continue to follow my blog and to the new readers. I do appreciate the follows, likes, comments and shares. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

If you are interested, or for reference below are all the links for the posts in published order.

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2020 Edition:

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FASD Acceptance and Understanding 3/12

Recognition in the School System 4/12

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Timely Access to Adult Services 6/12

Professionals Skilled in FASD Diagnosis and Interventions 7/12

Stamp out Stigma 8/12

No More FASD? 9/12

Know she is loved 10/12

A Time Machine 11/12

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