FASD Wish 10/12: Know she is loved

During the adoption process, no one provided me with any education or training on FASD. No plan was established should I require access to services. We have been though some really trying times.

Many people used to ask me, given what we have been through, would I still adopt my daughter if I could do it all again? Of course, I would. I am a better person in many ways for having her in my life. She has taught me so much.

What I would change is how I have reacted sometimes (and still do) when my frustration gets the better of me.

I think this is a wish that is granted. Even though she had her moments in the past where she thought I didn’t love her (because she may have not made a wise choice) I always explained that love is also setting boundaries and appropriate expectations.

We end every good night with “I love you” and “believe in yourself”.

While I wasn’t sure when I first wrote these 12 wishes for my daughter and FASD, I believe she most definitely knows now, I love her, and always will.