Connecting with Gutters

The maiden and I went on a little road trip last week to pick up some rain gutters someone was giving away. I asked her to come along as I was going to have to the hatch open on the back of the car, with them hanging out, and I just wanted her to hang on to the top end.

It was about an hour long excursion, there and back. On a route we had taken many times before. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The next day though she said to me, “Mom, I had fun.” When I asked her why picking up gutters was fun, she said, “It was something different. And it felt like old times. Me and you out together.”

As I have noted before, our relationship is changing, and I find we don’t have too many adventures anymore. Not because I don’t want to. Even before COVID put a stop to many of the activities we could have enjoyed, getting her out of the house is becoming more difficult.

So I need to hang onto this. And remember that even when I think something might be insignificant, that moment may have greater meaning. Who knew picking up second hand rain gutters would bring us closer together for one afternoon!

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