What is FASD?

I am not talking about what the acronym FASD means or even how it is caused, but going deeper into what it really means for Society. Most people see it as an alcohol and pregnancy issue – but it really goes beyond that.

The Canada FASD Research Network released their 2020 FASD Awareness Month Toolkit that contains social media images people are free to use. One image struck me more than the most. Many advocates have been saying these things for many years.

As the graphic states:

  • FASD is a criminal justice issue.
  • FASD is a disability rights issue.
  • FASD is a food security issue.
  • FASD is a global health issue.
  • FASD is a housing issue.
  • FASD is a mental health issue.
  • FASD is a women’s health issue.

The tagline on the graphic is: You can’t solve one and not the other. Which is true. But there are many more components to FASD. When the question was asked on the FASD Caregiver Success Facebook page – what else FASD is – as well, I asked on my personal page, is what people added:

  • FASD is a child and adult issue.
  • FASD is a child’s health issue.
  • FASD is a community issue.
  • FASD is an economic issue.
  • FASD is an education issue.
  • FASD is everyone’s issue.
  • FASD is a family issue.
  • FASD is a hidden issue.
  • FASD is a human rights issue.
  • FASD is a lifelong issue.
  • FASD is a men’s issue.
  • FASD is a premature death issue.
  • FASD is a social issue.
  • FASD is a social justice issue.
  • FASD is a substance abuse issue.
  • FASD is a trauma issue.
  • FASD is a whole family issue.

It’s also a child welfare issue, which is on one of the other CanFASD graphics.

Dr. Susan Rich replied: FASD #NDPAE is a global #Human Rights issue, intimately interwoven and inextricably linked to #SocialDeterminantsOfHealth.

We know Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is so much more than an alcohol and pregnancy or women’s issue. So why are we having such a difficult time raising awareness and providing support?

Would you add anything else?

3 thoughts on “What is FASD?

  1. Ab says:

    Thank you for posting and sharing this. I absolutely agree wholeheartedly. When addressing this as society, it needs a wholistic and multi-disciplinary approach. Thanks for your continued advocacy.

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