Our Magical Day

It’s strange and wonderful… even magical how the world works. After having a really defeating week last week, Monday arrived and the universe sent me a message to remind me that even in the middle of difficult times, if we remain open, we can find moments of magic to lift our spirits.

This week is the 14th anniversary of my daughter moving in with me and we became a family. And while adoption most definitely is about loss, it is also a celebration for us. We don’t create a big celebration any longer, mostly we simply wish each other a Happy Anniversary.

However, I was reminded that life is about synchronicities… and our anniversary date must have magical and synchronistic properties. Not only was it our anniversary of becoming a family, thanks to Facebook memories, I discovered how magical this day really is!

On this day:

2020: The maiden’s story was profiled for an FASD feature, which was not predetermined for date published.

2019: We joined fellow advocates to celebrate FASD awareness.

2018: We celebrated a presentation to our Council and declaration of FASDay in our Municipality (which has been declared again this year)

2017: A caterpillar I found on a plant created its chrysalis.

2016: I received permission to scatter my Dad’s ashes off the coast of Quadra Island in front of the Cape Mudge lighthouse.

2014: The maiden and I went to Kitchener to see a concert and have a mom and daughter weekend and visit my Dad – the last time I saw him before he slipped into a coma and died.

Not sure what happened in 2015 … but that is 6 of last 7 years that something happened on this day, not always related to the adoption, but definitely tied in some way that this date for us is magical and significant.

When I posted about it on my Facebook page, a friend said:

Happy Magic Day!

So, that is what the day will always be for us now!

Another friend said:

May you always have the 24th!

I love that too.

So what did we do on our magical day? Not much. I gave her a card with 14 Pokémon cards (one for each year) and she gave me a hug and told me she loved me. And that made my heart happy.

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