FASD Awareness Day 2019

While the movement started as International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day on September 9, 1999, it has grown over the last 20 years to many towns, cities, provinces, states and countries recognizing an awareness week and many are using the entire month to increase awareness.

FASDay September 9, 2019

International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day

Even though we need to continue to spotlight and raise awareness and advocate year round, I thought it would be interesting, as the month wraps up, to highlight just a few of the incredible awareness events and activities I saw on-line.

It seemed this year there was more going on than ever before.

So here are 20+9 images from International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day 2019

From banners spanning bridges in Belleville, Ontario (Canada)…

FASD Banner in Belleville

Thanks to the efforts of FASD advocate Maryann…along with a proclamation from City Council….


Maryann celebrates her banner raising with Council members and FASD advocates.

To banners on buses in British Columbia (Canada).

BC Buses and Banners

FASD warrior and advocate Lauren stands in front of the BC bus banner she organized.

From declarations of the day ….

Alberta declares FASDay

To organized Red Shoes Rock walks… this one in Guelph, Ontario (Canada)…

Guelph Red Shoes Rock Walk

Local advocate Laurie and her crew in Riverside Park in Guelph, Ontario (Canada)

To marches in the street in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada)…

FASD Awareness Saskatoon

And around the world in Slovenia…


Too Young To Drink banner in Slovenia

People gathered in parks to pronounce the day…

Brian Philcox in Toronto, Ontario

Brian Philcox, (co-creator of FASDay, along with his wife Bonnie Buxton and Teresa Kellerman) rocks his reds in Toronto, Ontario

And groups, such as FASD Team Love gathered for some family fun and a picnic in the park in London, Ontario (Canada).


Team LOVE FASD Heart

Advocates and families want the world to know FASD is invisible no more.

Ottawa FASD Walk

One of Ontario’s FASD advocate pioneers, Elspeth Ross, holds the invisible no more sign at the 2nd Annual Ottawa FASD Walk in Ontario (Canada)

There was a flag raising in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)…

FASD flag

FASD flag raising in Ottawa, Ontario on September 9, 2019

Workplaces displayed Red Shoes Rock team spirit to raise awareness …

Surrey Place celebrates FASD Awareness Day

Surrey Place staff recognize FASDay.

Universities made mocktails (Lakehead University Sudbury, Ontario Canada).

Lakehead University Mocktails

Even groups coordinating t-shirts from the top to red shoes on the bottom … sharing messages of Believe In Yourself…from the Northwestern Ontario Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Clinic …

NWO Diagnostic Clinic and FIREFLY

Staff from the Northwestern Ontario FASD Diagnostic Clinic, supported by FIREFLY rock their reds and believe in their clients and the people they support!

Other organizations working with children and youth, including staff at schools, such as Mother Teresa Oak in Halton, Ontario (Canada) show support for FASD awareness.


And Halton Community and Auxiliary Police Officers sporting little red shoes and red shoes rocks stickers with their red pin stripes (okay the stripes are part of the uniform but it goes with the theme)….

Halton Police FASDay

Community and Auxiliary Officers at Nelson Youth Centre in Burlington (Ontario, Canada)

People got creative to get the message out … from red balloons…spelling FASD

Janet spells FASD awareness

to red painted nails (with sneakers)…


…to one caregiver in Australia, April Wilson, who lived on a busy walking route, creating Red Shoes Rock bunting to display on her fence. Even the postie stopped to ask what the red shoes were all about.


People honoured mothers at pow wows (Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada)…

FASD Pow Wow

and called for mandatory warning labels and a national FASD Campaign (Australia)


Even the Israeli Ministry of Health posted a message…

FASDay in Israel

The Province of Ontario, birthplace of International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day, undertook an Awareness Campaign on Twitter sharing messages throughout the week. For the first time EVER!


Ontario Children’s Services

For the first time in 20 years the government of Ontario shared FASD messages  for FASDay

So whether your day started with the quiet reflection of a bell concordance, or ended shining a light of red (Hamilton, Ontario) to remember that FASD is real….


We hope that you found support, inspiration and a sense of belonging. The day was magical – even the night – when Niagara Falls reflected Red Shoes Rock Red.

Niagara Falls goes red for FASDay

Niagara Falls goes red for FASDAy and Red Shoes Rock

So if you feel alone and like you don’t make a difference, you do. FASDay started from an idea of one person to remind people to go alcohol free for nine months of pregnancy. One adult with FASD started to wear red shoes to remind himself that it was okay to be different … different is good … and it gave him confidence to start conversations. And now both these ideas have come together and spread across the globe. We absolutely have a long way to go, but if the indications of the coming together and awareness of this year are any foretelling of the year ahead, we know that Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder will no longer be invisible. We will get the prevention and support that is needed.


The stories behind some of these events truly encompass what the movement is about. From Mackie’s Mom:

We have a tradition to walk around the school square each year to raise awareness about FASD. To symbolize the end of the 99 day campaign where Mackie is telling the world about FASD.

Today he was joined by his friends and teachers and others who rock their Red Shoes.

We do not walk alone. In fact with a little help from his friends Mac was able to walk around the square on his feet with no wheelchair!

Mac is so very blessed. He has acceptance, friendship and true inclusion by his classmates, teachers and community.

Note: These are only a few of likely thousands of events that happened around the world.  From small conversations, social media posts (including the 99 Days to 9/9 FASDay: Master Post) to big events. Every moment, every post, every event and every action matters. Make sure if you post pictures you tag them with #FASDay or #RedShoesRock so we can continue to share your thoughts, days and events.

If you would like to order a t-shirt for next year, Our Sacred Breath opened a shop on Red Bubble for FASDay. This is a business for a young adult with FASD. A portion of proceeds will be donated to an FASD charity. This year, CanFASD received a donation.


More styles will be added to the shop throughout the year. For now, check it out here:  Our Sacred Breath Redbubble Shop. There are quite a few styles, sayings and colours to choose from.


Thanks to those who ordered this year. It was awesome to see them show up on social media!

And finally, thanks to Bonnie and Brian

Brian Philcox

Brian Philcox, Co-creator FASDay speaks at a Jeff Noble training session on FASDay 2017.

who together with Teresa and a group of pioneers started a world wide movement.

and to R.J.

FASD is REAL and so am I: RJ

and Jodee


for getting the conversation going and creating a unifying symbol in red shoes – we are starting to see momentum build. Red Shoes Rock and 99 Days to FASDay

Let’s keep this going and see where we are next year!


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