Day 6 of Red Shoes Rock: FASD Umbrella

Today I was thinking again about analogies … as I grabbed my umbrella on my way out the door. The obvious analogy is how Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is sometimes referred to as an umbrella term for the effects, or the diagnoses, such as in the illustration below.


In Canada, FASD is no longer an umbrella term. It is now the diagnostic term. You can learn more about that on Day 25 of 99 Days to FASDay.

Day 25 of 99 days to 9.9 FASDay

An umbrella also offers cover or protection. It protects us from a rainstorm. Like those of us who support or care for someone with FASD. Because sometimes being out in the world without understanding or support is like being stuck in a storm. I know I have always been the one to protect the maiden when needed and to support her when required.

And that brings me to how FASD and Rihanna intersect. With her song, Umbrella. Because anytime I hear the word umbrella, I hear this song in my head.  And the lyrics speak to how I feel about how those of us caring for someone with FASD stick with them – in the sun or the rain.

Because when the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I’ll be here forever
Said I’ll always be your friend
Took an oath, I’ma stick it out to the end

Now that it’s raining more than ever
Know that we’ll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella

Rihanna – Umbrella 

The maiden loves this song. I didn’t like it at first, but once I read the lyrics, and understood it a bit more, I liked it. Kind of like FASD and some of our children. Once someone understands them, and understands the FASD, they can support them and provide any accommodations they need which will lead to more success for everyone.

See you tomorrow as my red shoes continue to rock and raise awareness!