Red Shoes Rock Day 5: Back to School

Today for many students, it’s back to school after the summer break. For the maiden as well. Only she is off to College. So Day 4 on my Red Shoes Rock to Stop FASD journey is dedicated to my daughter. Because after all, she is the whole reason I started this journey.Red Shoes Rock to College

Before she came into my life, I may not have known what Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder was, but I did know that drinking during pregnancy was not a wise choice. I did not have an addiction issue, but I did drink alcohol. However pregnancy was not in the cards for me. If it would have been however I would never have found the maiden and she would not be my daughter.

I absolutely can not say enough how proud I am of her for heading off to College. It has been a summer of change. First, I never thought she would graduate highschool. But she did. And then she was accepted into a program called Community Integration through Cooperative Education. It’s a two year College program which teaches life skills for youth with developmental disabilities.

Elementary and High School were not very positive for the maiden. I hope College is different and she flourishes and soars. I hope she finds more about who she is as a person, finds interests and friends. Most of all I hope she looks back on her College experience as a truly great time in her life.

In order to go to College she and her grandmother moved into an apartment in the city. This has been a big adjustment for all of us. I miss her, but I hope this is a stepping stone for her to whatever type of independence will work for her. Although she is still with her grandmother, she is not with me. I am not far however, and she knows I would be with her in a heartbeat if she needed me. But this has been a great way for her to mature a little bit more than she would have if she would have stayed with me.

So today, instead of being sad she is back to school, I am happy she has beaten the odds and she is college-bound.