Day 1 of 9: Challenge Accepted: Red Shoes Rock Out FASD


Since 2014 I have put on red shoes, walked a km a day (last year I drove 900 km across Canada), and posted pictures (and messages about FASD) on social media from September 1 – 9, leading up to International FASD Awareness Day.

Today, day 1 of my 2017 participation – I drove 99 kilometers to purchase a white t-shirt and transfers. (I live in a small town, so had to go to a larger town to find transfers!). Wearing red shoes is usually a great conversation starter, but this year I wanted to add something to the mix that might get more conversations flowing.

RSR Heart T-shirt

Front view of Red Shoes Rock T-shirt

I’m not entirely pleased with how the transfer worked. It wasn’t a clear transfer – and it can’t be washed! I may have to take another drive to find something better – but for now, this will do.


Back view of Red Shoes Rock T-shirt

So what about you? Care to join the challenge to rock out FASD?

The following is from the Red Shoes Rock Facebook page:


Red Shoes Rock for FASD Awareness Movement – 9 rolls, 9 steps, 9 kicks, 9 nods, 9 waves, 9 blinks, 9 km or 9 miles a day – we love movement!

Walk, Run or Wheel 9 or 90 Km or Miles in 90 Days!  

We believe we can Rock Out Awareness of Fetal Alcohol in a positive spirit!

1. Put on a pair of RED SHOES
2. Share your Rock Out photos for the next 90 days on our page
3. When someone asks about your shoes – TELL THEM ABOUT FASD!!!!
4. Share our page – share our messages – share the fun…

OK everyone – It’s time to go…
Let’s get our MOVE ON!!

LIKE our page and SHARE – Let’s get some movement going

– Get your Red Shoe Rock On!

My message for the first day is a sobering statistic (pun intended). Prevalence rates for FASD are between 3-5% (and could be higher). However, if we use 5%, that means there are almost 1.8 million Canadians with FASD.