5 Wishes of Red Shoes Rock


This was formerly Day 74 of 99 Days to FASDay. It shared the 5 wishes of the Red Shoes Rock Real Families campaign. For an update (2022) on the Red Shoes Rock campaign, see: Why do Red Shoes Rock for FASD?

So, what exactly is Red Shoes Rock?

From the Red Shoes Rock Team:

R.J. Formanek began the movement to bring visibility to the invisible lifetime (yet preventable) disability of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in 2013.


In 2014 Better Endings New Beginnings (Jodee Kulp) and LiveAbilities Good Fruit Camp Productions (Sam Guerrido) joined RJ to help build awareness leading up to International FASDay on September 9 – we gave it a go for 30 days having fun, gaining almost 1,000 followers.


We continued in 2015 for 60 days,joining forces with the Tiny Titan Team and Ann Yurcek, Sasha with Savanna Pietrantonio and Mark and Johan Wiklander of RealMindz plus loads of friends from over 40 countries. Over a 90 day campaign we reached 150,000 views of the 90 Real People. Real Lives campaign.


In 2016 Yvonne, from Our Sacred Breath, joined the team and in 9 days took her red shoes across 5 provinces in Canada 🇨🇦 to promote the campaign.


In 2017 we reached around the world with a focus on Real Families Real Lives

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders are often hidden and families and individuals are misunderstood by their communities and the professionals who become part of their lives.

Yvonne from Our Sacred Breath formally joined the partnership, producing the original 99 Days to FASDay series of infographics from June 1 – September 9.

In 2018 the focus was FASD Pioneers. 2019 Increased Participation Around the World!

What about 2020?

There may be a global pandemic, which is changing how we can recognize the day – but if 2020 has shown us anything, it has shown us we can come together and be creative. Two ways the Red Shoes Rock Alliance Team has done this is by showcasing the voices of people who are Embracing Their Truth.

Liz Kulp

Let the “REAL STORIES” begin, Thank You, Liz Kulp, from the USA for all the writing you have provided to help others understand FASD from the inside out.

You can follow all the embracing their truth posts on the Red Shoes Rock Facebook Page.

You still have time to have some fun building awareness leading up to FASDay – celebrated on 9.9 (and founded by Bonnie Buxton, Brian Philcox and Teresa Kellerman in 1999).

Why not paint some Red Shoe rocks?


Who Can Participate?

Anybody! This is an international campaign. You can join the Red Shoes Rock movement by wearing red shoes, talking about FASD or posting a picture on social media, using hashtags #RedShoesRock #FASD or #FASDay

Check out the website: Red Shoes Rock where you can find resources  You can also join the Red Shoes Rock Facebook page which has stories and artwork. For more ideas check out Participate.

And if you are wondering why Red Shoes? From the Red Shoes Rock Facebook Page:

Because Red Shoes are noticeable. Red Shoes are fun. Red Shoes open up the conversation to tell our story or share insight that is needed at the moment.

And so I wear my Red Shoes when I am going into difficult places, and I can just say, “You see my RED SHOES? Well, those shoes remind me of the needs of FASD, that’s prenatal exposure to alcohol. They remind me that right now the PERSON I LOVE needs support and space and time to regroup. It reminds me right now that I WILL PROTECT that person.”

So, what are you doing on September 9? Will you join us?

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