Day 61 of 99 Days to FASDay: Many professionals not prepared to manage FASD

Day 61 of 99 days to FASDay

Day 61 of 99 Days to FASDay and we are looking at FASD and the mental health professionals that most (if not all) people with FASD will come in contact with.

A study over 10 years ago in the United States revealed while over half of pediatricians felt prepared to identify and diagnose FASD only about a third felt prepared to manage and coordinate care. Now although this study is 10 years old, I suspect the numbers are not a lot higher.

From my own experience, the health care team the maiden sees, although knows about FASD, they don’t seem to have the capacity to properly manage her mental health. Even when the pediatrician she was seeing retired there was no doctor willing to take over her practice.

It would also appear it is the case for many mental health practitioners due to the interest in a recent article by Jerrod Brown, published in Counselling Today (noted in graphic above), FASD: A guide for mental health professionals. From the article:

Unfortunately, many of these providers and professionals lack the necessary training and expertise to accurately identify and effectively treat the unique and complex symptomatology of this population. The goal of this article is to provide a basic introduction of FASD to mental health professionals in six key areas: FASD symptoms, diagnostic comorbidity, memory impairments, tips for interacting with individuals who may have FASD, screening and assessment, and treatment

It is a great article and although just touches on the complex lives of this population, it is well-written. The last few days I have used some of the information for this 99 Days series.


On a personal note: my apologies for being several days behind. The maiden turned 19 on August 1st, and while normally I should have had time to make the posts, she ended a great day by tripping coming down the stairs. The last few days have been dealing with a fractured ankle, as well as a very sick fish and cat.

Normal posting should resume after today.

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