Day 48 of 99 Days to FASDay: Greatest Hopes of Caregivers

Today we look at what caregivers said when asked:

What is my greatest hope for my child/adult?


…a full, happy, purposeful life with a sense of belonging.

…that one day people will understand that FASD is an invisible diagnosis for children that look “normal.”

…a good education, a good job, and knowing that they are well taken care of and that they can have the support they need and the love and the care that they need to succeed.

…that he can start to like school again. He used to love school and now he hates school.

…that she will accept help whenever she needs to have some.

…that she will become a productive member of society.

…that she find her purpose in life. And that she be able to live independently with supports.

…that he can live a happy, successful life and find what he’s good at and be happy.

…that she lives a successful and happy life, surrounded by people who will support her.

…that there’s more people in the world that would understand them so they can navigate the world better without having as many issues as they have right now. It’s really hard (when) physicians, dentists, doctors, occupational therapists and sensory therapists … don’t understand the disability.

…he will love other people, that he will be loved and that he can live independently someday.

..they find peace for themselves … with their situation that they didn’t ask for.

Check back tomorrow for the last question and the video.

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