Day 46 of 99 Days to FASDay: FASD Strategies for Caregivers


Day 46 of 99 Days to FASDay brings a resource of strategies for caregivers by caregivers. The above graphic highlights only three general strategies provided in this great resource 2017 Parent Retreat Strategies  put together by the FASD Network of Saskatchewan (Canada).

I only highlighted three of the general strategies, but the booklet (click on link above) contains not only a list of general strategies for caregivers by caregivers, it also provides strategies specific to:

  • Meltdowns
  • Ownership
  • Confabulations
  • Cause & Effect
  • Memory Deficits
  • Environment
  • Justice
  • Employment
  • Communication
  • Dysmaturity

The FASD Network says this:

For the 10th annual Parent Retreat in 2017, the Network travelled to three Saskatchewan communities to bring caregivers from a variety of locations together to learn new information about the disability and connect with each other.

During the sessions in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Estevan the Network staff had the caregivers in attendance share their strategies and tips for dealing with some of the common struggles associated with FASD.

The result is this booklet, full of information taken from years of experience and developed by caregivers, the true experts in FASD.

I chose to only highlight three, because these three seem to echo how I feel generally and why I am on this 99 day journey.

First point: I have tried to be as open as I can in sharing the story of the maiden and I while trying to respect her privacy. But unless we share, silence and stigma continues.

Second point: yes, sometimes some things about FASD do “just suck.”  It isn’t easy caring for someone with FASD. There are many great moments, but there are many low moments that are difficult, exhausting, frustrating and “just suck.” Admit it and move on.

Last point: most important in our personal journey is humour. There are some real tough times in our lives. It isn’t always appropriate to use humour, but sometimes humour can diffuse an otherwise hostile situation or prevent a situation from escalating. We also use humour to look back on some of the more difficult experiences we have had to reduce any shame or regret the maiden may feel. And I love that this last point contains a truly Canadian expression, eh?

2019 Update:

CanFASD put out a guide called I AM A CAREGIVER  Which has some strategies in there to help in your role as a caregiver.


While it isn’t focused so much on taking care of yourself, it does give some strategies for taking care of yourself, and like the resource above, it too has great information on caring for some one with FASD.

How about you? Do you have any advice or tips or strategies to share?

Feel free to leave any comments below. You never know – what you share may just make a difference in someone’s life.

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