FASD: Strengths, Skills, and Abilities

FASD: Strengths, Skills, and Abilities

Did you know individuals with FASD share many strengths, skills, and abilities, including curiosity, creativity, gregariousness, tenacity, friendliness, helpfulness, and generosity? Many are very artistic and perform extremely well in environments where routines are well established. 

In April 2016, the Canada FASD Research Network, in partnership with the Lakeland Centre for FASD Alberta Human Services published the Employment Review. (Link no longer valid).

Although the information in this report is specific to employment, it follows a need to focus on the positive by offering solutions.

The purpose of this report was to identify current employment programs and model frameworks that are currently used to support adults with FASD.

In addition, organizations across the country that provide employment support for clients with FASD provided insight into the types of approaches and models that are currently employed, as well as the successes and challenges these programs experience.

Taken together, the information presented in this report can be used to inform future employment initiatives for clients with FASD.

The FASD Network of Southern California also lists the following strengths:

Common Strengths

Many people with FASD have strengths that mask their cognitive challenges.

  • Likable
  • Highly verbal and may be good storytellers
  • Bright in some areas
  • Have points of insight
  • Artistic, musical, mechanical
  • Athletic
  • Friendly, outgoing, affectionate, even cuddly
  • Determined, persistent
  • Willing
  • Hard worker
  • Helpful
  • Generous
  • Good with younger children or animals
  • Not a malicious bone in their body
  • Willing to forgive; don’t hold grudges
  • Every day is a new day
  • Caring
  • Non-judgmental; like people for who they are, not for what they have or what they can offer. Often protect weaker kids from bullies.

The maiden has many strengths. I don’t think as parents we don’t see those … it’s just sometimes hard to see those over the struggles and challenges. But we need to.

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