Adopting a Child With FASD

Many people have asked me the same question: Do I regret adopting the maiden? No.

My only regret is not knowing more about FASD before adopting.

However, ten years ago the information on FASD was limited, and even though support groups and services are still limited in my area of the globe, there is a growing culture of support.

The Internet has opened up so many opportunities to access professional and personal information for those of us caring for someone who has FASD.

Most common questions adoptive parents of children with FASD get include; “Do you regret adopting this child” and “Would you have chosen a different child should you have known this child has FASD?”  This wonderful couple, @FASD_Dad and @FASD_Mum, can attest to this.  They chose to adopt their beautiful son with FASD, No they do not regret their decision and they would do it all over again.


we-love-a-child-with-fasdBy FASD_Dad

Adoption is an important part of our family story. I was adopted in the UK back in the 1960s. We adopted our son with FASD a decade ago. Whenever we speak publicly about FASD one of the questions we are always asked, in more or less delicate form, is whether we regret adopting our son? Would we have chosen a different child if we had known he had FASD? What it is like for me, having been adopted…

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