Caregiver Needs and Stress in Caring for Individuals with FASD

FASD Interventions Across the Lifespan

CG paper

Members of the iNAT (creators of this blog), and collaborators recently published new research about caregiver needs and stress for those caring for individuals with FASD.

Based on an online survey, the research team found that caregivers reported many needs and concerns and high levels of stress, and that those caring for adolescents and adults with FASD tended to report more concerns and needs than those caring for children. Also, those with lower income reported higher levels of stress and more needs and concerns.

Thank you to anyone who came across the survey on this blog and took the time to fill it out. The link below provides free access to the paper until May 26, 2016, where you can read about the study and findings in detail.

Click here to read the paper.

The findings of this paper highlight the importance of adequate supports for individuals with FASD and their families. To learn…

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