Different is Beautiful 

I gave the crone (my mother) a small bouquet of tulips on her birthday. One morning while having coffee with her she said how much she really liked the one that was “different” from the rest. She thought it was the most beautiful and special of the bunch. She said it reminded her of the maiden (my daughter).

Now the crone is not prone to making poignant statements. I was touched by her statement. I felt a lot of love for her and my daughter at that moment. My daughter might not be like everyone else, but just because she is different does not mean she is any less worthy or beautiful. And my mother may not always verbalize the good things about her granddaughter (that is just the way she is) but she obviously feels good things about her.

We may have our differences (just like tulips) but her sentiment is one thing the crone and I can agree on completely.

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