Acceptance for All this Hallows’ Eve

Once again this year my 17 years in age daughter is asking to go out for Halloween. I struggle between letting her do what she is excited about and still interested in and the “you are too old” that I was told when I entered high school. But I was a neuro-typical teen. At 14 years of physical age I was 14 years of age in my mind. My daughter is not 17 years of age developmentally. So for her, Halloween is still an exciting time that she wants to participate in. My worry is what adults may say – those who are not accepting or aware of hidden disabilities or different abilities and stages.

The following appeared on my FB feed. It is so well written that I am sharing it on every social media site I belong to. I hope it goes viral. Its message of acceptance is well said. I admit prior to adopting my daughter and understanding how she appears on the outside is not how she is on the inside that I too was one of the adults that thought many of the thoughts that are expressed in this post. It is only through awareness that we can accept and understand the uniqueness of every individual.

Halloween acceptance

I hope everyone who celebrates Halloween has a safe, fun and accepting night of trick or treating!

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