Day 8: Kilometre 8 (a day in TO) for Red Shoes Rock to Stop FASD

A couple of days behind updates – it has been a busy week! Day 8 was a fun day. A Mother Daughter Day – actually it was our vacation day – that’s correct DAY – I can’t afford vacations away. Money I don’t have. So a few days here and there over the summer. But Tuesday was our big day out – we took the GO Train to Toronto and walked more than the 1 km goal! We probably walked at least 9 kilometres in just that day!

union station

Once we arrived at Union Station in Toronto it was a 1.1 km walk to our first stop.

day 8 one

A picture with the Toronto sign made popular during the Pan Am games this summer. It was a great day to be there because it was the day when everyone was back to work and school after the summer – so we did not have to contend with crowds.

day 8 TO

After our pictures, another 1.1 km back to Union Station and then on to the CN Tower.

Day 8 CN Tower

A shot of the red shoes before the ride up to the Observation Deck and

Trip to TO 2015 - CN Tower - Glass Bottom Elevator

A shot of the shoes over the glass opening in the elevator taking us up!

After the CN Tower we walked next door to Ripley’s Aquarium. More walking!

Trip to TO 2015 238

And a shot of the shoes overtop of the Jellyfish tank!

A great but very tiring day – but I can say that even though my daughter didn’t have any red shoes to walk in she walked beside me for 9 kilometres on this day! Just as I have walked beside her since I adopted her 9 years ago (yes, really – 9 – I didn’t realize that until I was typing this – I adopted her August 2006!). And I will continue to walk beside her as long as she needs me too!

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