Day 7: Kilometre 7 Looking for new for Red Shoes Rock. Stop FASD.

Today was a fun day – a mother daughter day. We started out the day on a mission to find a pair of red sneakers for the maiden. We will be somewhere special tomorrow and will be walking more than 9 kms in one day – so she wanted to join in and wear some red shoes.

We had fun looking for an open store. In Ontario it is Labour Day.  Stores used to be closed to give workers a day off. In tourist areas many stay open.

On the way to the local mall we had a great time singing songs and laughing.

Our little road trip led to an awesome road side attraction – filled with unusual and decorative items for the home – such as this Buddha – not wearing red shoes but dressed in red!

Buddha in Red

Buddha in Red

The Maiden had fun showing her “tough stance”:

Nicole & Robot

The Maiden and Robot

And this big T-Rex with red eyes stared us down:

T Rex

T Rex made of recycled auto parts

We didn’t find any red shoes for the maiden.

What we did find was an enjoyable day together.

A day filled with future good memories.

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