Kicking off RED SHOES ROCK – STOP FASD Campaign Today

Further to my post yesterday, here is the Red Shoes Rock central hub where you can find out more about the campaign and a link to the Facebook page where you can let the organizers and others know about your participation and share stories.


RedShow-GravatarThe countdown to September 9, 2014 has started and Better Endings New Beginnings and Flying with Broken Wings decided we needed a quality kick off to up the momentum around the world.

So FASD Survivor Navigator RJ Formanek, Liz Kulp, Sam Guerrido and Jodee Kulp joined forces to begin a movement people can have fun and talk about FASD at the same time.

We’re challenging everyone to walk – wheel or run 9 miles in 30 days – that’s 3 blocks a day folks – we can all do that!

What we will provide …

  1. The development of a world community meeting in one place to make a difference to build awareness of FASD. 
  2. Fun ideas and silly photos.
  3. A Facebook page where everyone can meet up and chat

What do we need from you…

  1. Action – get some red shoes and have fun in them
  2. Photos –…

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