Day 1: Red Shoes Rock to Stop FASD – 9 km in 9 days

Old Red Shoes

This is the second year for The Red Shoes Rock Campaign – a catchy and noticeable way to spread awareness about a leading cause of developmental disabilities that is preventable. I wore my red shoes so much in 2014 I wore a hole in the sole!

So I bought a new pair and took them out for a test walk at a local festival.

Red Shoes Rock Test Run

It’s easy to participate. Get a pair of red shoes and over the next nine days leading up to September 9 – FASD Awareness Day just move – 9 rolls, 9 steps, 9 kicks, 9 nods, 9 waves, 9 blinks, 9 km or 9 miles a day. And when someone asks about your funky red shoes tell him or her why you are wearing them. Help us spread the message of no alcohol for nine months during pregnancy. And the need to support those who live with the  effects of FASD.

The Maiden and The Mother

This is who I am walking for. My daughter. Even though her birth mom denies drinking any alcohol while she was pregnant, there is no denying the challenges that my daughter faces every day because of the damage done to her developing brain. The denial of her birth mom has meant my daughter has not been able to get a full diagnosis of FAS. That has meant a lot of people have expected  my daughter to do more than she really is capable of doing. Access to services are limited because awareness of FASD is still low compared to other conditions.

So that is why I walk for awareness. To spread the message that if you drink alcohol and are having sexual relations use protection to prevent pregnancy. If you are planning on becoming pregnant STOP drinking alcohol. There is no safe amount of alcohol to consume during pregnancy. If you know someone who is pregnant why not support her and go alcohol free with her for nine months. And if you have consumed alcohol and are pregnant please disclose this to your health care provider. The earlier you provide this information to your health care provider the more educated and supported you and your child will be.


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