We Interrupt Blogging Due to Life in the FASD Lane


After a significant absence our sacred breath is attempting to make it back online. So much has happened that I’m afraid blogging took a backseat. Which is ironic – because one of the things I wished most for in raising my daughter was access to information from parents and caregivers of children with FASD. And now I understand why there are not a lot of resources out there with information from the parents and caregivers – we are busy, exhausted and trying to live our lives. Who has time to update our lives! We barely have time to live it – let alone share it.

My daughter did not attend classes in the highschool last year. I pulled her out in October and requested home instruction. That was not approved until March of 2015. Until that time I was paying for tutoring to keep her occupied. She managed to complete 2 credits with 5 hours of home instruction at the local library. She needs to return in the Fall (less than a month now) for one credit. Then she will have her Certificate. Not a Diploma. But that is okay. After that – I don’t know.

There is a program we are going to investigate that supports students with disabilities that would otherwise prevent them from attending College. It is a live-in 2 year program. I’m not sure she will live away from home Monday to Friday – but that would be another year away yet until enrolment.

She continues to mature. She turned 17 this weekend. I have begun to use words carefully about growing up and being more responsible now she is 17. In a couple of weeks I pick up a Psychological Assessment. She had one when she was 10 years old – but to qualify for Disability Supports as an adult and Developmental Services she needs an updated one. Once I have that information I can move forward in planning for her as a young adult.