Why Young Adults with FASD Struggle on Jobs

Great article.


Reasons why young adults with FASD struggle to hold onto a job:

  • Processing:  Most bosses expect our kids to “hear” at the rate that they themselves are able to hear. Often that is not the case. You cannot tell my daughter three things in a row and expect her to remember them all. or hear all that was told to her.

The brain of a child exposed to alcohol in the womb has blockades in it. Random cells have been killed while alcohol bathed the poor baby’s brain far longer than the mom who drank it. due to immature kidneys that cannot process it out. Alcohol kills cells.

Pour alcohol on an ant and you will kill it Imagine what it is doing in that baby’s brain that is supposed to be developing?  Soon you have dead areas all over that are like holes. They call it “Swiss Cheese Brain”…

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