April: 30 Days of Lists

As we slowly gain our life back from a very difficult time, my daughter (the maiden) and I are taking part in a challenge she found on Pinterest:

30 Days of Lists

30 Days of Lists: April 2015

IMG_1792 IMG_1791IMG_1795IMG_1793

IMG_1812  IMG_1813

IMG_1814 IMG_1815 IMG_1816 WP 30 Days of Lists

I will take pictures of April 6 – today with tomorrow`s post.

This has been interesting activity. My daughter is always looking for activities to do with me.  Because she has no friends, I need to do things with her. However, just taking care of her on a day-to-day basis is exhausting – so if we can find something that does not require a lot of effort and we both think is fun then I am all up for it!

We used a template for the 30 Days of Lists challenge (link will be inserted) and entered the suggestions on a Calendar page. Any that we didn`t like or thought would be difficult we changed.

Just by looking at the first few entries one can notice some of the challenges my daughter faces each day because of the FASD effects.

  1. Neatness of Printing
  2. Layout and Structure of Lists
  3. Age appropriateness of items on some lists (she is 16 years in age)
  4. Spelling

However, on the flip side I am gaining some insight into her thinking and mind. Some of the lists we will be coming up with are items we may never have discussed. It will be an interesting 30 days.

Stay tuned!

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