World Mental Health Day 2014

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Today is World Mental Health Day.

This years aim is to highlight mental health and more specifically schizophrenia.

In the wake of the death of Robin Williams, the world became more open to talking about mental health and in particular depression. Unfortunately, research out this week shows that although attitudes have indeed significantly improved in the last few years, the stigma is still widespread. Nine of ten people with mental health problems say this has had a negative impact on their lives.

The easy test of this is that most of us would simply not feel as comfortable telling friends and family about having a mental health problem, as they would saying they had a physical illness.

For illnesses like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, the stigma can be particularly stark. Research commissioned by Rethink Mental Illness found 65% of people would not tell their employer if they were diagnosed with…

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4 thoughts on “World Mental Health Day 2014

  1. I find your blog wonderful with such important topics. And yes the subject for some people have trouble with. I have a relative who has dealing with Bi-polar. Every time someone said mental Illness he would get upset. I kept asking what would be better. After a while he came back to me said Mental Condition bothers him not as much. So anytime I talk to and subject comes up I say it. Just relating how he felt about it.


    1. Thank you for your kind words and comment. You have a point about illness versus condition. When you think about it who are we to say someone is mentally ill when really it is a condition … Illness is something you can recover from …


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