ReMoved – a child goes into foster care

This is one of the most powerful videos I have seen in a long time – if ever. Just under 19 minutes. Anyone considering fostering or adopting or looking after any child removed from their birth family needs to see this film.

Although it is well produced and the child’s words may not really be true words, they are true enough.

The maiden came to me 2 weeks after her 8th birthday. She had been in foster care for four years, in two different homes. She lived in the first home with her younger brother and sister. That foster family adopted her baby brother and the sisters moved to separate homes.

We went to hell and back in the first four years together. No matter what she did though I told her I would never give up on her. I knew if I did she would never trust another person for the rest of her life. I never gave up on her.

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