Renovations, exams, back to school, red shoes and threats of gunfire

So much has been going on in my corner of the world, keeping me so busy and not able to think clearly for the last few weeks.

SeptemberRenovations have begun in the family room which was the crone’s bed-sit and our “library”. She has been so stressed and the maiden and I have been at the receiving end. She tried to get permission to put a live-in trailer on the property – but hit roadblocks at every turn. Finally we decided to put her money into creating a “nanny-suite” in the back. It will be self-contained and she will have her own entrance. And we will have peace. But not until the reno is over. The house is crammed with her stuff while work is done on the room. She is sleeping in a sofa bed in the dining room. We are all stressed. To lighten things up last night I said I feel like we are in the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – the grandparents slept in a bed in the living room.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory concept by Shirley MacKenzie

I finished my first course in my quest to obtain a certificate in child and adolescent mental health. I haven’t had to study for exams for so long. I passed though! But it was difficult to find quiet time to do the course – and then I had technical difficulties – as the distance delivery program was not compatible with iOS or Windows 8.

The maiden has gone back to school. Grade 11! Where has the time gone? She is half days in LLS (again) and half days in a get ready for work program. The resource teacher she had last year teaches the second period and the maiden is helping with two autistic students instead of doing work. Which is amazing. I hope these classes keep her fulfilled, challenged enough but not too much and at school. It has been a very long 4 months of being with her 24/7.

Red Shoes Rock
As I’ve been posting, I’m participating in the Red Shoes Rock campaign to bring visibility to FASD. I have been walking a km a day leading up to September 9 – International FASday

And today, a neighbour threatened to get her gun and shoot me. I won’t bore you with the details. The short of it is they let their dog run free. It runs off their property and leaves gifts on my property. Not gifts I like though. I have enough of those from my dog. I asked them earlier this week to keep their dog on their property. I was met with silence. The woman yelled at my daughter last night. This morning the dog was on the lawn again. I went over – with the intention of asking them one more time to please keep their dog on their lawn – and to stop yelling at my daughter – before I could finish the sentence – she spit obscenities at me!I told her she was a piece of work – why must she swear at me when all I was asking was for her to keep her dog on her property. She got up, hurled more insults at me, told me she wasn’t going to leash her dog. I told her I would have to report her dog running free. She told me she was going to get her gun and shoot me. I left. Called the police and reported the by-law infraction.

I do not like confrontation. I go out of my way to avoid it if I can – because of people like this woman. I was simply going to ask her one more time to contain her dog. She chose to react the way she did and take it further than it needed to go. My life threatened –  I reported her. It is one thing to attack my character but my life is a different matter.

On a positive note, with the exception of a few episodes of typical teenage behaviour, the maiden is doing great. She finished horseback lessons – first time she has finished something she signed up for. She had an amazing summer buddy who hung out with her once a week. We spent a few days away – just the two of us. She has had two showers in the last four days – and even had one last night without being asked. She has got up for school three mornings in a row without a complaint.

I’ll decide to end this on what is good in my world as September begins.