Walking and Rocking Red Shoes to Stop FASD


I discovered this event today. Originally launched for August 9 – it isn’t too late to join for anyone who wants to take up the challenge. I like the idea. Simple. A little bit different. At least I haven’t heard anything similar in my part of Ontario or through any Canadian media.

I am going to adjust it slightly. First, in Canada we measure distance in kilometres or km, not miles. So I will walk 9 kms. I obviously missed doing this in 30 days, so I will do the walk in 9 days. The 9 days leading up to September 9 – the day set aside internationally for FASD awareness.

Now I need to go out and get some red shoes. Stay tuned.

If you want to take up the challenge visit their website Red Shoes Rock. Stop FASD.


4 thoughts on “Walking and Rocking Red Shoes to Stop FASD

    • our sacred breath says:

      Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately FASD is higher in certain pockets of population – but it also knows no boundaries and can affect anyone anywhere if a birth mom drinks while pregnant. We need to ensure everyone knows there is just no safe amount of alcohol to drink when pregnant. And if a woman does drink then let her health care provider know. Early interventions mean better outcomes.

  1. jodeekulp says:

    Thank you so much for blogging about our RED SHOES ROCK. STOP FASD Campaign – SInce 2007, Better Endings New Beginnings has been focusing on creating a voice for our adults living with the challenges of FASD – it is exciting to see something fun happen that is initiated from their spark and creativity. Special thanks to R.J. Formanek and the Flying with Broken Wings Team! Love those guys – they are my people.