3rd Eye Kiss

I came across this pin on Pinterest a few weeks ago and saved it because I was surprised to find that this is something my daughter asked me to do without knowing what it was.


She asked me to start doing this because I kiss my dog on his forehead if I have to go out without him. She wanted me to do the same to her. Interesting. My dog is rather anxious when I leave him. Does kissing him help him relax?

My daughter still struggles with attachment. She worries if I am later coming home than I said I was going to be. She finds a separation of more than a few hours from me difficult. Does kissing her this way activate that part of her brain that helps her feel more secure when I leave? I don’t know.

What I do know is that by responding to her need I put her at ease. And that is what parenting is about. Like other little rituals we have done over the years, some stop as she grows developmentally, others change and others remain. She will let me know if she no longer feels the need for me to connect with her with something more than a good-bye when I leave.

Until then I will pause a moment, and give her a 3rd eye kiss and tell her I love her and will see her soon.