FASD Fact Friday

FASD Fact Friday

What does this mean? It means keep your questions, explanations, directions and conversations simple and free of jargon. If appropriate, ask the person to repeat what you have said. Or watch for signs of understanding. Do not be taken in by what you see. FASD is a hidden disability.

My daughter has been charming adults since she was eight. She is cute and well spoken and outgoing and talkative. But she very often does not understand. She is a great mimic and will say and do what she thinks you want her to say and do. This can cause so many misunderstandings. It can also put her safety at risk.

The general information in the graphic I obtained from The FASD Tool Kit for Aboriginal Communities. OFIFC, 2005 REVISED JANUARY 2008. Copies can be found at http://www.ofifc.org

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