Another mandala

Feeling very sad, anxious, and irritable today. Not sure why. Maiden is ready to write two exams – her tutoring at home has been going well with a lovely young lady – university student. No big issues with the crone – so that is not bothering me. Had a visit last week to see my dad – he is in a nursing home – that he doesn’t like – but he hasn’t liked any he has tried. A bit stressful with the fact that my brother who is the POA will not tell me anything at all about my dad. If I want to know then I should be the POA. His words. Dysfunction at its best. But that isn’t new. So I coloured another mandala to free my mind.


7 thoughts on “Another mandala

    1. That is my brother. He says if I want to know what is going on then I should be the one in charge of his care – he (my brother) thinks when I ask questions I am questioning him – most recent is my dad’s British pension hasn’t been put in his account since February and he doesn’t know why … I asked my brother … His response ” I’m looking after that” yet next time I see my dad if he doesn’t remember what is going on with it he will ask me, and I still don’t know!


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