Getting Back Inside Myself

I just signed up to participate in a portion of A Global Meditation for Peace. It is part of a larger event being held in Toronto. At $3,076 I will not be attending the main event. But on August 8th, I can afford to sit at home and meditate for free. I have 66 days and approximately 20 hours until then to restart my practice.

My mindfulness and meditation has been hit and miss lately. I squeeze it in, when I remember. Rather than setting an intention to make it an important start or end to my day. Perhaps by agreeing to participate in this meditation event, I will be more committed to myself.

Mr Curly Spies on Himself

I won’t be too hard on myself, because at least I am doing it occasionally – but my desire and intent is to set aside at least 10 minutes at the beginning of every day – or close to – where I can expand from. Giving myself something to work toward – like registering for this event – might help me be a bit more committed – although I do not believe you must have meditated before to take part.

I found out about this event through researching a quote I read from Deepak Chopra about maintaining a youthful mind. He says to write down 2 or 3 things that one can do that are totally childlike. To bring back your sense of fun. Immediately what comes to my mind is playing with Barbies, colouring and riding a bike.

The next step is to pick one and do it today. I do not have a bike and playing with Barbies might just bring about too many questions from the crone and the maiden. So I’ll pick colouring. Why not. I have some mandala pages I’ve pinned that I could colour.

Some may wonder who cares about the looks or comments…but just yesterday the crone told me to grow up and act my age. I was listening to an old CD in the car (another project I’m working on) and came in singing:

I was having fun singing songs that brought me back to some fun times 20 or so years ago. And in an instant I was scolded for being child-like. The irony of what I was singing and who said something to me is not lost on me. Deepak, however, would have been proud of my youthful playfulness.

I don’t think I’ll have any problems maintaining a youthful mind – maybe I will go out a buy a Barbie – I collect them – which again I’ve been told I’m too old for – then again, I’ll just keep the peace in the house and colour. Maybe the maiden will join me. We still colour together once in awhile when we are bored.

And tomorrow I’ll begin being more mindful about starting a more committed meditative practice.

I must go now – I have colouring to do!

2 thoughts on “Getting Back Inside Myself

  1. jackamalo says:

    your ideas of coloring, riding a bike, and playing with barbies are wonderful. i admire anyone who maintains and continues to foster an active relationship with their inner children. 🙂