Quiet and calm has been elusive this week

I have been feeling very on edge this past week.

In the past I would have exploded in anger, or shut down and cried.

But now I breathe.

I try to find a few quiet moments, but there have been very few quiet moments this week.

I need time to myself to recharge.

Away from everybody.

Away from cats, dogs, the maiden and the crone.

It has been impossible this week.

And I am feeling the strain.

And without moments alone it is hard to breathe and just release.

There have been a variety of reasons – but too personal to share right now … There are times when being mom to a child with high needs is exhausting. When life just gets exhausting.

Where I am hopeful though is that in the past I would have released my anxiety and frustration in completely inappropriate ways, and today I am more aware and mindful of being respectful to myself.

I still crave the quiet and alone time that has been elusive this week and that I need.

But I am pleased that I have learned healthier ways to get through these stressful times and am just breathing until it gets better.