Only the meditating mother remains

Or how the family dysfunction reared its ugly head once again.

Well, third day in to our meditate for a week and it has become too good to be true.

Day 1 – mother and maiden took 5 mindful minutes in the a.m. And the crone joined us in the p.m.

Day 2 – mother and maiden again in the a.m. However big fight in the afternoon.

The maiden is not at school this week. Stayed home Friday. Then Monday didn’t want to go. Overwhelmed. Not liking it. Stressed. Anxious. Wants to be homeschooled. So, I told her she could have the week off. This didn’t sit well with the crone who despite 8 years of living with the granddaughter who has FASD still thinks the maiden is being difficult, lazy, manipulating.

Without going into the really boring details it ended with me telling the crone to stay out of my life. The maiden and I went upstairs to calm ourselves and the crone retreated to her room.

The maiden and I didn’t meditate last night.

Day 3 – I asked the maiden this morning but she refused. She also refused to shower – another ongoing issue. But I told her if she didn’t shower and clean herself then she wasn’t sorting her Pokemon cards – which she brought up from the basement yesterday. So she said finally she would shower but not meditate. She hates meditating. It doesn’t do anything for her and she doesn’t want to do it. I can’t force her.

So, I am thinking of selling the house because the mother and crone cannot live together any longer. I wanted to wait two years until I finished some college courses I’ve enrolled in to help me return to work when the maiden is through high school. But I don’t think any of us can last two years.

So for now, I, the mother, will continue to meditate without the maiden or the crone.

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