Calming Activities Tip Sheet

Taking time to calm is so important for any situation in life – but it is something so many people do not do, do not know how to do or do not think they need to.

I always thought I knew how to relax, and I did – but I think we have to go deeper – and that is where our sacred breath comes in. We must get in touch with it, just feel it, and know we can go there any time we want to.

Community Resource people always told me to get my daughter into yoga so she could slow down and be more intentional. But I needed something that I could do any time and anywhere – if only for a moment or two.

These activities are a good start to calm and centre ourselves so that we can begin the process of getting in touch with our sacred breath.

Edmonton and area Fetal Alcohol Network Society


Have a look at the latest Tip Sheet.  This month it is all about how to calm yourself when feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Calming Activities

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