Sacred Breath

Once ~ we walked the earth and our bodies  were strong.

Once ~ we started each day with grateful breaths and grateful thanks for all around us.

Once ~ we used medicines, prayers and ceremonies that cured any sickness we had.

Now it is different.

We climb an unknown mountain searching for fresh air.  We walk among an earth disrespected.  We look for plants to heal our weakened bodies.  The plants are polluted and dying, as we are. We use what is left of our ceremonies to try to catch our breath.  We are suffocated.

Our creator breathed life into us.  He has a message:

For that which was taken from us will be returned sevenfold.

Our sacred breath ~ it’s time to take it back.

This quote by Nancy Rac a Jicarrila Apache resonated with me the moment I read it. It seemed to capture the essence and soul of my journey on this earth. One that has had many struggles, challenges, lessons, celebrations, successes and stillness.

I hope you will walk with me for a while as I share my story of dysfunction, recovery, adoption, raising a child with FASD, and mindful moments with our sacred breath.

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